Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lebron James = Biggest Asshole In The World

That is all...


SUEB0B said...

I heard a hilarious interview on NPR with LeBron. The interviewer asked "Why did you decide to go to Cleveland in the first place?" and he said ",
I WAS DRAFTED." She had the good graces to be embarrassed. As a reporter, it took me back to all the times I have asked extra dumbass questions.

Angelo Trevor said...

Hey Suebob,

Good to hear from you!

LeBron on NPR? Dear dog, what has the world come to...

I guess it should come as no surprise the 'LeBron saga' has permeated every level of society.

Heck, even in Seattle, where we now despise the NBA and its leader-troll, David Stern, it's the lead sports story. Of course, if the Mariners were your baseball team, you'd be talking about something else, too!

What bugs me about LeBron are his front-running tendencies. He grew up on Cleveland's doorstep, but never rooted for the Cleveland teams as a kid (he was a Yankees fan and a Cowboys fan). Sounds like a bandwagon jumper to me.

I'm perplexed by the consternation over his press conference.

"How could LeBron be so heartless as to call a press conference, only to rip Cleveland's heart out?"

Uh, because he doesn't care about Cleveland! He never has.

Not to be sports dork, but he also made a bad decision. Despite his cronies going to Miami, the best choice was Chicago. The Bulls have a young, cheap foundation with loads of talent. Miami will have a supporting cast of cheap also-rans.

The Heat is an implosion waiting to happen.